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Our Services

Alberni IT Services is the one-stop shop for all your computing needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts offer quality service and support for everything from repairs and upgrades to custom-built systems, providing you with the perfect remedy for all your technology-related ailments.

Virus, Malware, & Spyware Removal

No matter how careful you are, malware and spyware are an ever present threat that can bring your computer to a standstill. We offer a flat rate service for removal of all malicious software and viruses.

PC Tune-Up and Maintenance

Speed up your slow computer with our PC Tune-Up. Comprehensive multi point checkup that includes cleaning up old files and programs, system optimizations, virus/malware scan, and much more.

Operating System Reinstall

If your operating system is damaged beyond repair, or you just want to start fresh, then we can help. An operating system reinstall ensures there are no excessive programs or viruses on your system. *A valid OS license is required.

Custom Computer Builds

We build custom computers based on your specific needs. Need a powerful computer for games, video editing, or a simple system for a child or grandparent? We will build you a computer suited to do exactly what you need.

General Troubleshooting, Repairs, & Upgrades

We handle just about any hardware or software issue, including installation and upgrades.

Data Backup & Restore

If you need to backup your important data or want to transfer data from one computer to another we can make it happen.

Secure Data Destruction

Have sensitive data you want removed from your computer forever? Selling or giving your computer away and do not want your info left on it? We can securely delete your data so that it can not ever be recovered.

Refurbished Computer Sales

We sell fully refurbished computers at low prices! This is the perfect solution for anyone needing a quality and working computer at a low cost.

What Our Clients Say

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Laura Olsen

"Fast, friendly and knowledgable service."

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